Buy Aurora, For Aurora

Making Aurora a better place, one swipe at a time

What is Swipe for Change?

Swipe for Change is a company that’s powering an incredible movement in Aurora called “Buy Aurora, For Aurora.” This program enables merchants to eliminate virtually 100% of their credit card transaction fees, while simultaneously providing Aurora-area non-profit organizations with a passive income stream. This unique program allows Aurora businesses to align with causes that improve the community, simply by doing their regular business transactions. Think of it as socially responsible commerce that makes the city a better place, one swipe at a time!

Whether you’re an Aurora small business, a Non-profit, or even a Fox Valley resident, you’ll want to become a part of the movement! Watch the explainer video for more.

Swipe for Change is partnering with PreMil – an Aurora hometown brand

PreMil is a streetwear-focused brand, born right in Aurora with a retail location and mission to empower the Aurora community to pursue meaningful journeys. PreMil has been worn by platinum-recording artists, NFL & NBA players, as well as influencers throughout the country.

As part of our partnership with PreMil and their mission, we’re sponsoring the grand opening of PreMil’s newest venture, The Garage. The Garage is an entrepreneurial hub with a mission dedicated to providing tools and training to the development of the arts and entrepreneurship through programs, workshops, panel discussions, and experiences. 

Which one are you?

Non Profit


Unlock a passive income stream by connecting with businesses to grow your brand story along with your bottom line

Merchant/Business Owner


Be a purpose-driven-business by connecting your customers to a cause while saving upwards of 90% on processing fees



Make the world a better place with every card purchase you make, and support the businesses and Nonprofits that you align with

How do I know Swipe for Change is right for me?

84 percent

of consumers state that it’s important that a company
support charitable causes.

Source: Mintel Market Research 


You want to make an impact

No matter who you are, you can make a lasting, positive impact by partnering with us. Swipe for Change is the vehicle to socially responsible commerce.

You want to be more socially responsible

You know you’re not just along for the ride on this planet, but rather, you want to make an actual difference. With Swipe for Change, now you can, whether you’re a merchant, a customer or a non-profit organization.

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You want to connect to your community

It’s not just about the transaction, it’s about relationship. Stand out above the noise and truly connect to make the world a better place, one swipe at a time.

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