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why consumers love swipe for change


Purchase with a purpose

Each swipe doesn’t just purchase your daily latte — it’s a catalyst for change. We like to call it “socially responsible spending”.

It's now effortless to make a contribution

Contributions to the charitable organizations that make a positive impact has never been easier. Simply shop as you always have. It’s that easy.

You can do your part

You know that our world is interconnected, and one person’s action has ripple affect. The small ripples add up to big waves.

Become an agent of change

Do you see the vision? You can encourage the businesses you know to participate in Swipe for Change to amplify the donations to your favorite causes.

How it Works

Consumers can make a positive impact on the world simply by choosing to shop in store or online with a Swipe for Change merchant. With every purchase, a portion of the credit card processing fees are donated to a charitable cause, giving you the opportunity to do your part in making the world a better place. At checkout, you’ll be informed of the non-profits the business is supporting. You’ll feel good about doing your part, simply by making a purchase! You’ll in essence, be “voting with your dollars”; by spending at the local business that align with your ideals. You can also play a part by advocating for other businesses to use Swipe for Change. Let’s work together to make the world a better place, one Swipe for Change at a time.

case study


The web will soon be a little safer with the approval of this new security standard

Hear that? It’s almost as if thousands of spooks and hackers suddenly cried out at once… The Internet Engineers Task Force has just unanimously approved a security framework that will make encrypted connections on the web faster and more resistant to snooping.

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