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Bottom line results

You’ll immediately, and cumulatively, see quantifiable results in your donations, all while building a galvanizing brand experience with merchants.


POP/Promotional materials

When you join as a Swipe for Change non-profit beneficiary, you’ll have access to materials to proudly promote your participation.


Personalized service

We support our non-profit beneficiaries better than anyone in the card processing industry, it’s a promise!

Practical reporting

Want to see how your donations via processing fees stack up? It’s easy to pull reports.

How it Works

Any non-profit organization can participate. Imagine a way to generate revenue passively and without cannibalizing your other gift streams or sponsor commitments. By partnering with Swipe for Change, you provide your supporters (and the merchant) with a meaningful commerce experience, knowing that each purchase, supports your organization in a way that everyone can feel good about.


Simply reach out to us by phone, email or this form to learn how we can support you in coming alongside small businesses within your ecosystem to help them eliminate costly credit cards fees, while promoting your brand story through Swipe for Change.

Once on board, your organization will automatically be connected to the merchants who designate your non-profit as their Swipe for Change charity. Then you will reap the rewards of being a part of the movement of socially responsible credit card processing.

Revenue Calculator

Non-Profit Beneficiaries earn more as their Merchant/Business supporters earn more!

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